If you ask it of me i will give you my... ¬_¬ (f_baggins) wrote in insane_lotr_rpg,
If you ask it of me i will give you my... ¬_¬

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Yes is me again

Well, this time The "I Laughed Hard Till I Cried You Dorks!" Award goes to fool_of_atook, merryholdwine and froebelbaggins thanks to 13 pages of spam.
Rosie asked for spam and BOY that was some SPAM!
Thanks guys, that was hilarious!

And speaking of..
Where's everybody? This place has been sooooo silent! Come on, this game is 3 months old, it should be more active. Don't you think?
It saddens me.
Whatever, i hope you all are doing fine, and nothing wrong happened to any of you.

Oh, and i really don't want to end up doing this, but if drunken_eomer and bill_the_pony don't show vital signs again we will be having to remove them from the list.
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546 comments holy fewmets!
I know :-p
That was so much fun! Let's do it again, brother! *grin*
Sure, i am a comment wh0re
Geez! I'd better comment here or I'm gonna get kicked out!!!!

Well...um...I'm here now. I've been a fly on the wall over at the Michael Jackson trial. I'm on pins & needles wondering how that'll turn out.

HO-LEE COW!! 13 pages and over 500 comments!!! *chuckles* You hobbits sure know how to spam, don't you.

((LMAO @ Gandalf! XD ))

*gloats* Yes, It was very fun.
We must do this again.. only keep going non-stop and see how far we can go *mischievous grin*

and thanks Frodo!
A thread can go far till 5000 comments, i have been in huge comment wars before.
Oh don't be sad my widdle poooklefookleflooplenoodlefookshookbunny! I'm sowwy :(