If you ask it of me i will give you my... ¬_¬ (f_baggins) wrote in insane_lotr_rpg,
If you ask it of me i will give you my... ¬_¬

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My apologies

I have been delayed with the updates, but that is because i have been extremely busy, my apologies.
Anyway..i am delayed with the awards, i owe Merry two hilarious chat logs i promised him i will post i also need to promote, to update and yadda yadda yadda yah.
<-- hates summer vacations..

This time the "It was so hilarious that i forgot about Second Breakfast Award" goes to ..my dear uncle cousin BILBOOOOOO!11
Why, well? For several.. first there is the color bar, then there is the speech and...
My favourite one The sperm race!
Thanks for your attention!
if somebody still read this ;_;
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