If you ask it of me i will give you my... ¬_¬ (f_baggins) wrote in insane_lotr_rpg,
If you ask it of me i will give you my... ¬_¬

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Cocktail of Geeks

Join our geeky group!
Just reply in Merry's main journal *points below* and tell them you want to be in the list.
You don't have to do anything else, just joining the list, and tell your friends if they want to join! We need to make our list bigger.
You can join as your favourite character and it doesn't have to be LOTR related, i am posting here because :-P well we're LOTR characters over here and i thought that perhaps somebody else would want to join.
You can also join with your RPG journal and your main journal if you want, i did that hehe.

Comment here for join!

And here's the code, just place it in your profile after joining:

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