Legolas Greenleaf (elfshampoowhore) wrote in insane_lotr_rpg,
Legolas Greenleaf

The horrors of bad nameing...

Jon Jovis Lapdog from x.x.x.223 joined the chat 2 minutes ago

Jon Jovis Lapdog: Helllooo??

Jon Jovis Lapdog: OH DEAR ME!

Merry: Hello?

Jon Jovis Lapdog: on EARTH do I change this name?!

Insane Hobbit *cough* Froeb: hello?

Jon Jovis Lapdog: /nick ElfShampooWhore

Jon Jovis Lapdog: Hello...

Jon Jovis Lapdog from x.x.x.223 left the chat 102 seconds ago

Merry: ((Click on your name))

Merry: ((or that LOL))

ElfShampooWhore from x.x.x.223 joined the chat 80 seconds ago

ElfShampooWhore: I DO apologize!!!

ElfShampooWhore: ((Poor lad's drunk!))

Merry: No Need! XD

ElfShampooWhore: I have no idea where that name came from

Insane Hobbit *cough* Froeb: *raises eyebrow*

ElfShampooWhore: Suilad Hir Nin! *Bows*

Insane Hobbit *cough* Froeb: Been drinking with Gimli, Legolas?

ElfShampooWhore: No, the water has been being drugged as of late

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